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The Mekong River with Sue Perkins (BBC Four, 8.00pm)

The comedienne travels up the Southeast Asian stream and achieves Laos, where she goes through a day with tenderfoot Buddhist priests and visits the Xayaburi hydroelectric dam

The group visits the Cairngorns, where Joe Crowley investigates Britain’s biggest nature hold and one of its most noteworthy mountains, and Helen Skelton goes looking for brilliant falcons.

In our green oceans, rivalry is savage. Daylight powers immense kelp woods, mangroves, prairies of ocean grass and sprouts of green growth. Here, creatures must battle for space and sustenance.

In kelp timberlands, a typical octopus must turn into a definitive person who can get out of anything keep away from its enemy, the pajama shark; and a Garibaldi damselfish safeguards its ocean growth cultivate from ravaging ocean urchins – and ocean otters demonstrate a far-fetched partner.

On prairies of seagrass, tiger sharks get away with tomfoolery with green turtles. This keeps the seagrass sound. In shrubby knolls of kelp, a huge armed force of arachnid crabs rise up out of the profundities for a yearly mass shedding, while at the same time attempting to maintain a strategic distance from predation from creature, stingrays up to four meters in length. Also, male goliath cuttlefish go after a mate – while a littler male wins by professing to be female himself.

The performing artist goes around the UK drift via prepare, starting by boarding the Jacobite steam prepare for an excursion along Scotland’s West Highland Railway, broadly highlighted in the Harry Potter motion pictures. En route, Walters finds out about herring gutting and exploding railroad lines, and meets a conventional Scottish storyteller on the Isle of Skye.

Chris Tarrant goes through the Middle East to investigate what stays of the frontier railroads that were worked there progressively a hundred years back. In the Wadi Rum valley, Tarrant sheets a steam prepare along one of only a handful couple of bits of the Hejaz railroad that remaining parts in working use, completing the course Jordan, before intersection the outskirt into Israel as he sets out toward Jerusalem, which is hallowed to the greater part of the total populace.

The moderator goes to the Ozark Plateau in Missouri to live with wild master Bo, who surrendered life out and about with his band to show Stone Age aptitudes to advanced man. Fogle finds how his host consolidates a primitive existence with the need to get by in the present

Gino D’Acampo needs to get his hands grimy when he visits the home of water wild ox mozzarella and travels to the old demolishes in Paestum, before figuring out how to make carefully assembled fusilli pasta the conventional route, up in the delightful mountains that neglect the ocean.

Access-all-ranges arrangement uncovering how the English Channel functions, with up to 400 ships going through the 21 expansive Dover Strait consistently. Cameras go inside the Channel Tunnel, on-board ships and vessels, through the exceptionally braced fringe, and into the shrouded operational hubs that keep the entire framework moving. The primary scene catches the Channel’s surge hour – two weeks in summer when cargo lorries share the ships with 250,000 holidaymakers, as ship chief Mark tries to guide his 35,000-ton deliver over the ocean paths, while managing intoxicated travelers.

Timothy West and Prunella Scales investigate the scene of north-west Portugal as they set out on a voyage down the Rio Douro. It’s an excursion that joins two of their most loved things – water and wine – as they take after the course taken by Yorkshire-conceived port business visionary Baron Forrester, and visit some shocking wine homes. The couple likewise stop off at the Factory House, a conventional English refined men’s club that lies in the core of the city of Porto

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